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February 22, 2009

Everything around us is surrounded by noise, some of it makes us sick and mad but some sounds like music, can make us relax and feel free. Music is a way to creation for me, by just listening to my favorite track. The words as well as the music are an inspiration for me.

Furthermore, many kinds of music like Industrial, EBM, Noise, Aggrotech have been my guide lines not only for creating but for my imagination as well. I strongly believe that music can change your mood or create strong feelings. Both situations can lead to creation.

To sum up, music is not only a sound that makes you feel things but also a path to discover your self your imagination and your limits of creation.




February 16, 2009

We have many times heard that a man’s life could be a movie and we have seen this happen many times, on the big screen. Well, just by watching a movie I can many times see my self in it.

Many movies have been an inspiration for me,  a reason to change my way of thinking, the way I see and realize things around me. By doing that my work, my creations change when I change. The heroes don’t have a stable character, they change according to my mood, like the world around me.

A movie can have a great effect on me, for example Tim Burtons and Hayao Miyazaki movies. On the other hand Anime and Manga give me new ideas and make me more creative.

To sum up, movies can change our mood and our thinking. They can make you feel like a small hero inside this chaotic world.

This is my favorite Anime movie.


This is the best  antiwar Anime movie  in the world