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UEL Graphic Design 1min Movie

March 27, 2009


March 1, 2009

Some times, when fantasy comes and explodes in your mind the only thing that helps you make this situation alive is just a peace of paper and pencil. Drawing is more than creation. It is like printing your self on a peace of paper. For me H.R.Giger and Mark Ryden are artists that when they draw they give their selves, their souls on a canvas. Giger’s drawings can be considered more industrial and this comes in contrast with Ryden’s drawings which are more childish and they have a strong meaning. I strongly believe that the best and strongest way to communicate is when you can see the drawing and you can imagine the story behind it . Many times, creation can be better than the artist because imagination depends on inspiration.

Drawing on paper on wood on metal on whatever comes in mind, you communicate with others and with your self as well.


Drawning Hands, M. C. Escher