September 3, 2009


Human beings ,and all living creatures make up the Environment where we live.   There is a great deal of environmental concern today because, unlike in the past our systems of chemical and environmental monitoring are so sensitive as to detect almost infinitesimal amounts of pollutants in the environment.   High-Speed computers allow us to model trends and changes in complex systems like weather.  It is often said that science and technology,  make us able to magnify the effects of our actions.   Also these artists who explore and experiment with the value of society also have a role to play while working with natural materials and others who simply express their concerns, thoughts and fears about current environment situations via art.

Every art including  graphic design is inspired by the environment which surrounds it. Currently, the environment is one of the major concerns of our society,  that no art could leave unmentioned.   If it helps or not, is   another matter.


Environment poster


Love your Planet advertisement




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