September 3, 2009

Grapus was a group of graphic artists working together since 1970. They at first reject assignments with commercial and government clients, as well as working with commercial and progressive town councils and much more.

As time went by and the staff had grown to 20 operating in three distinct groups, they signed all of their work “grapus”.  The style of Grapus was handwritten, symbols, text visual techniques and the “detournement” technique. In January 1991 Pierre Bermand who was the one who discovered  the group decided to part ways. But after that he remaind committed to a conception of design.

The dissemination of public graphic design to the most socially or culturally deprived, is one of the means to achieve the desire of community and social justice. The Grapus was not only famous for the design but it was also fot the political views of the group. (They were all Communists.)

Personally I do not agree to mix political views with  art and design , because it is more interesting and free to be natural.






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