September 3, 2009

Photography is one of my big passions.  I don’t mean that I am a great  photographer but I can easily spend a lot of time looking at photography portfolios – sites and friends’ works.  What really fascinates me in photos is the ability to work on them using photoshop for instance and alter them according to my likes and dislikes and give them life.  Just like a painting every single photo becomes unique with your own signature and artistic touch. Despite the fact that many are opposed to editing a photo I find it equal (if not more) creative than shooting it. The sure thing is that both need their own art and wisdom.  Photography on the other hand, is very important for a Graphic Designer because just by pushing the button and capturing the moment or just by turning a page on a magazine you find something new, different and fresh to be inspired from and consequently affect your work. And last but not least taking a single photo can be just fun which doesn’t have to exclude the possibility  that simple fun can lead to outstanding results. Photography is a combination of technology and rules of physics. Indeed the uniqueness  of time among thousand other reasons  is what makes it special. What makes it art. If not every engineer can be  a  photographer,  this is definitely not the case!

Here are some photos taken and edited (or not) by me:msp2




you kneel before your heros

No edit :                  Picture 359

Picture 365

Picture 474

Picture 429


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