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September 3, 2009


Human beings ,and all living creatures make up the Environment where we live.   There is a great deal of environmental concern today because, unlike in the past our systems of chemical and environmental monitoring are so sensitive as to detect almost infinitesimal amounts of pollutants in the environment.   High-Speed computers allow us to model trends and changes in complex systems like weather.  It is often said that science and technology,  make us able to magnify the effects of our actions.   Also these artists who explore and experiment with the value of society also have a role to play while working with natural materials and others who simply express their concerns, thoughts and fears about current environment situations via art.

Every art including  graphic design is inspired by the environment which surrounds it. Currently, the environment is one of the major concerns of our society,  that no art could leave unmentioned.   If it helps or not, is   another matter.


Environment poster


Love your Planet advertisement





September 3, 2009


Semiotics is the study of signification and communication and they are grouped into a sign system. It is the study of  how meaning is created. They use conventional symbols in calculus and writing with numbers or letters.

We can say that the human world is massively semiotic, because there are signs everywhere anytime. Semiotics is divided into three categories, which are Semantics, Syntactics and Pragmatics. The importance of signification and signs has been recognized years ago, by the history of philosophy and psychology as well. Aristotle and Plato both explored the relationship between signs and the world. Semiotics represents a range of studies in art, literature, and anthropology. Those involved include philosophers, linguists, psychologists, sociologists, literary aesthetic and media theorists, and psychoanalysts. Semiotics has changed over time but it is still important because it can help us not to take “reality” for granted as something having a purely objective existence. It teaches us that reality is a system of signs.







September 3, 2009

Photography is one of my big passions.  I don’t mean that I am a great  photographer but I can easily spend a lot of time looking at photography portfolios – sites and friends’ works.  What really fascinates me in photos is the ability to work on them using photoshop for instance and alter them according to my likes and dislikes and give them life.  Just like a painting every single photo becomes unique with your own signature and artistic touch. Despite the fact that many are opposed to editing a photo I find it equal (if not more) creative than shooting it. The sure thing is that both need their own art and wisdom.  Photography on the other hand, is very important for a Graphic Designer because just by pushing the button and capturing the moment or just by turning a page on a magazine you find something new, different and fresh to be inspired from and consequently affect your work. And last but not least taking a single photo can be just fun which doesn’t have to exclude the possibility  that simple fun can lead to outstanding results. Photography is a combination of technology and rules of physics. Indeed the uniqueness  of time among thousand other reasons  is what makes it special. What makes it art. If not every engineer can be  a  photographer,  this is definitely not the case!

Here are some photos taken and edited (or not) by me:msp2




you kneel before your heros

No edit :                  Picture 359

Picture 365

Picture 474

Picture 429



September 3, 2009

Grapus was a group of graphic artists working together since 1970. They at first reject assignments with commercial and government clients, as well as working with commercial and progressive town councils and much more.

As time went by and the staff had grown to 20 operating in three distinct groups, they signed all of their work “grapus”.  The style of Grapus was handwritten, symbols, text visual techniques and the “detournement” technique. In January 1991 Pierre Bermand who was the one who discovered  the group decided to part ways. But after that he remaind committed to a conception of design.

The dissemination of public graphic design to the most socially or culturally deprived, is one of the means to achieve the desire of community and social justice. The Grapus was not only famous for the design but it was also fot the political views of the group. (They were all Communists.)

Personally I do not agree to mix political views with  art and design , because it is more interesting and free to be natural.







September 3, 2009

Postmodernism is an attitude rather than a movement. In the latter half of the 20th century, there has been mounting evidence of the failure of modernism. Postmodernism is the renewal of modernism and modernists. Art movements, styles and schools regardless of when they have occurred, have always been distinguished by similarities of styles, technique, subject matter or purpose. Surrealism, for example, is indebted to dreams and the imagination, the cubists fractured the subject matter of their works into geometric shapes but the postmoderns have not so many similarities or unifying purpose except for their exhaustion of  ideas and their lack of originality. When compared to other movements of the 20th century they don’t seem to be able to do anything new.

In the era of modernism  Salvador Dali is one of the greatest and famous artists. On the other hand, it seems that Jean Baudrillard has had a significant influence  on postmodern art and has emphasized  the possibilities of new forms of creativity.

Postmodernism clip art and oil painting



0321091202230hiModernism Painting

Modernism paintings

Modernism painting




May 18, 2009

Feminism ArtFeminism is the ideology that supports the rights of women in society. Women started to rebel in the 19th century and in the first wave they fought for the right to vote. Characteristic figures of this are the “suffragettes”. This rebel still continues because even in the second wave, which took place in the 20th century they still didn’t have the power to own their bodies and end sexual discrimination. The third wave which is still in progress fights for the rights of  women and color as well. In addition, feminist activists have campaigned from time to time for women’s legal rights as well as rights concerning bodily integrity and autonomy, abortion, reproduction and maternity. Feminism, fights among other things,  for protection of women and girls from domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape. Οne should not forget to mention fights for equal pay and workplace conditions in general. Today, most of the ideals of  the feminist movement have been achieved but still differences and discrimination in women’s treatment can be observed in daily life and it will never stop until   there is mutual respect and no constipated and conservative minds.


No one logic person, including me  should be against movements like feminism which support and believe in the equality of  human beings. And everyone should support it  unless it becomes to fanaticism which results to blind and mosts meaningless actions. Everyone deserves the same rights, not only in papers but in real life.



Deyan Sudjic

May 5, 2009

Deyan Sudjic director of  Design Museum, UK. London. His design and Architecture critique for the Observer is one of the jobs in his life. He is Dean of the Faculty of  Art Design and Architecture at Kingston University, as well as Co-Chair of the Urban Age Advisory Board. In 2000-2004 he has claimed the seat of editor of the Domus (magazine) and the seat of Director of the Glasgow University of Architecture and Design Program in 1999, as well as he was named Director of the Venice Architectural Biennale in 2002. He was also part of the jury for the design of the Aqualics Centre,which is to be built for the 2012 Olympics by Zaha Hadid.

His work inspires me because of all his achievements. He has managed to realize so many dreams in the course of his life and to claim so many important places that I am led to respect him and want to follow his steps.